Bananas Today For Tomorrow.

After a couple months of researching the company Chiquita Banana I’ve learned about their rise, fall, and ability to withstand over time. Do I have all the answers they need to survive and have longevity? Simply put, no. I can only put in my own two sense on areas where they need to put effort and other areas where they need to change. What first comes to mind is how they treat their workers. It is most important in today’s culture to take care of the people who are working for you. You see it too many times, companies abusing their workforce to gain leverage and it ends up the consumer loses faith in the company. If Chiquita builds off of their recent relationship with the people who work for them it will in-turn help them in the long run. People like companies that are morally sound. Another area I see Chiquita gaining ground is in the social media world. The world is so in tune to the social media that companies can only survive if they keep all their energy focused in that area. If Chiquita keeps adapting to the area of social media they will continue their dream of becoming an international dominant figure of the world. As they stay connected on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Chiquita will see customer satisfaction to a degree where it can help them stick around for a long time. Chiquita can ultimately be around for a long time if they stick to pleasing their customers and now that means staying connected on social media. The content they need to keep pushing onto consumers is the fact that they have healthy snacks. In today’s society there is an emphases on good health and eating right. Chiquita would be better served for their longevity if they stick to what the consumers want and in this case it is a healthy snack. If they keep reminding the public that their product is an essential part of their diet in order to live long and healthy but also a great tasting treat. In the long run, people want to eat and be healthy and Chiquita has the products that apply to those two things. Chiquita is poised to be around for another hundred years if they play the right cards in each category that I’ve highlighted earlier. It all comes down to if they are going to do and work at those certain ideas I’ve talked about. Long ago a company was created to help spread bananas to the world. Over a hundred years later and nothing has changed and will not change.Bananas

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Social Bananas

Screenshot_2013-11-22-23-24-23With today’s growing technology world, companies need to invest in the social media aspect of advertisement. The world is quickly turning into one that is ran through the internet. A huge way people stay connected is by social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and even Pintrest. People invest in a company that goes out of their way to make them feel wanted as customers. Using social media outlets really gives companies like Chiquita Banana a direct line to their target audience. Chiquita stays connected by using 11 different accounts to stress their commitment to the people. Social media is very important to not just Chiquita but to every company in the market today. It can help sales, promotion, and a controlled public relations methods. The most effective social media outlet would have to be their Facebook page. Chiquita’s page is set up with pictures of their logo and promotions their are doing at this time. The whole page screams Chiquita Bananas by the postings they have, which are consistent. Each day there is a something relating to their company’s objective. Postings that relate to healthy recipes banana related, recent promotions Chiquita is doing, and articles that deal with the company as a whole. This helps customers and the Facebook world see how much their product means to them and how they want everyone to experience the greatness of it. Other social media sites like their Instagram take photos of events, Ms. Chiquita, and healthy snacks that Chiquita banana sponsors. It is a great way to show in action shots of Chiquita making their mark in the world. Another site they have would be Twitter. The Twitter page is in direct contact with each individual accounts on Twitter who are actual people. Chiquita can directly contact users that are happy or displeased with their bananas. That is a great way to show someone who is using the Chiquita brand that they are a company who cares about the people who are eating their product. Social media has greatly affected Chiquita Bananas in a positive way because people now have a way to contact the company. It is a way that seems to be more personal to some people. People use social media to stay connected with friends and family but who says they can not use it to stay connected with the products they use. Chiquita has done a great job by promoting their product on each of the social media outlets and should continue to invest in those outlets. Social media will continue to change and the only thing Chiquita can do is change with it.

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International Bananas

2000_pr_2Since inception, Chiquita Bananas has targeted the world as their demographic. The bananas are grown mostly in Costa Rica so even right off the bat they are a part of multiple counties. It has been their idea to reach out to everyone to give the whole world the option to eat a healthy fruit like a banana and even their own Fresh Fruit salads. Getting the whole world to eat Chiquita Bananas is a very hard task. It has taken years to reach the point where they are at now in the international business. After the biggest promotion that anyone had seen been done, the Chiquita brand was finally introduced to Europe in 1966. Now they were apart of Latin America, the United States, and finally Europe. This en-turned created a global dominance that Chiquita was trying to accomplish by  the 70’s. They were finally globally known so by 1990 Chiquita changed their name to Chiquita Brands International, Inc. to show the new heights they were reaching. There were a bit of troubles early after they went global in the 90’s which were apart of the problems Chiquita was having at their farms. Working conditions and pesticides were coming into question but soon silenced by Chiquita farms becoming certified by the Rainforest Alliance Better Banana Project in 1994. Earlier, Europe imposed an illegal quotas and tariffs on bananas imported from Latin America which hurt their international business for a bit. Because Chiquita mostly gets its bananas from Latin America and it is an American company Europe filed it under a “third country” import which constrained Chiquita’s growth. Much has been done to figure out this problem but nothing has come from it. Even through those provisions made on Chiquita’s importation they are still

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World Wide Chiquita

miss-chiquita_cartoonChiquita Banana is world wide. Everyday millions of people eat their bananas from all over the world. Now that Chiquita has introduced their Fresh Express salads they are now enjoyed by 20 million people each week. That is a staggering amount of people from different places that they want to persuade to eat their product. It takes a lot of advertising in different markets to get consumers to eat their product over the other company. Chiquita wants to have everyone eat their salads and bananas but not everyone is the same. What Chiquita is doing now for their marketing is use the movie Despicable Me 2. This helps with getting families involved to buy their bananas. It shows that the company is a fun loving one who cares about their family values. If you eat their products it makes you apart of their family. The family demographic is very important in America for a lot of people. Families want to eat food from a company that has them in mind. On their website they give you options for postcards you can send out, banana recipes, and even a minion maker. Fun is what they are trying to show for the families that want that out of their product. Despicable Me 2 is widely popular with people from all ages so it helps Chiquita picking them to advertise their product. People see that and correlate Chiquita with the movie. That helps out Chiquita with connecting with their consumers they are targeting. On their website they have every country they are involved in with supplying their products that you can click on. Each country has a promotion for Despicable Me 2 with their minions on display. The set up is with fans getting involved by sending in videos, fan art, and even crafty minions. It helps gets the customers involved directly with the website and helps show off their fun side. Chiquita gives off the feeling that they really care about their customers. That is what important to them in the Chiquita community. If the company has happy customers it will surely have them coming back again and again. In order to target the demographics that buy bananas and salads they need to research who usually buy that. That is what Chiquita has done that and understand that families are the ones who buy their products the most. So they picked Despicable Me 2 to target those families in order to get the sales they need to make the company one successful that is widely known throughout the world.

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Feeling Blue? Good!

Branding is very important to the Chiquita Banana family. When you think of a blue sticker you think of Chiquita, right? Well that didn’t just happen over night. It took many years of branding to get people to correlate their bananas with a blue sticker. It all started in 1944 when they wanted to be the first company to brand a banana with a type of band around the banana. Back then they used hands to wrap a paper band with the company’s name and Miss Chiquita around the bananas. This later evolved to machines putting sticker labels on the bananas in 1963. As the years went on they started to notice that the machines could damage their precious fruit and did not want that. That led them to put the Blue Label on by hand to keep care of the fruit that they are selling. There is no doubt that Chiquita’s Blue Label has become an iconic symbol for the company. Money has been spent of sponsorship throughout the existence of Chiquita Banana. The 1980 Olympic games that took place at Lace Placid were sponsored by Chiquita Banana. That goes to show you how important branding their high-quality fruit is to them. They want people to associate their Blue Label with their award winning bananas and they have done so through advertisement. Each year they try to promote something that will help their brand. They have done promotions with the movie Rio, Donkey Kong the video game, and Sega Super Monkey Ball. This branding has helped make a name for themselves with all kinds of different demographics. It gives them a persona as a company that they are friendly with families and playful. Years and years it has taken to build up a brand that has put the faith into the consumers. Bananas are not just their job anymore, they have ventured into packages salads but their idea is still the same. They want to be known for their fresh products that are great tasting and are healthy for everyone. When you see the blue sticker Chiquita Banana wants you to think, “Quite Possibly, The World’s Perfect Fruit.” Makes sense right? You have a product that you believe in the next step is to make the consumer to believe in it as well. Over the hundred years of the company being around, they have instilled in some people’s mind that they are the place to get their bananas. That is not something easy to accomplish. It takes hard work, time, and dedication to the idea that everyone should buy their product to get to where they are. Chiquita Banana has done so proudly with that blue sticker on every banana.lakePlacid

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Problemas del Banana

Throughout their hundred year lifespan, Chiquita Banana has weathered some storms. As do many companies when they are around for a hundred plus years. They have grown since inception and learned how to solve problems as they arise through the years. Dealing with these issues and finding solutions have made the company even stronger. Scary to think this internationally known company is getting even more stable over time. Most problems for Chiquita Banana did not come into light until the 1990’s. This was because until late they had no problem with farming regulation. Chiquita started to realize that the pesticides they used and the proximity of houses near the farm were harmful to others and their fruit. Pesticides they used were endangering the workers and the people living near the farms. The bags that helped protect the bananas littered the ground and water banks near the farm as well. They had to revamp their whole way of farming to help make their fruit better. Chiquita began the process to become certified by Rainforest Alliance’s Better Banana Project. This had them meet the criteria to help make their farms environmentally friendly to all. Farmers, scientist, and community members all teamed up in order to make the bananas safe for consumption. They soon got a seal of approval for their bananas being secure from harms way. This was a huge importance to them and their brand. Showing that they take the safety very seriously helps show their consumer how much they matter to them. It was a set back to Chiquita because of the money and time they spent. If they would not of taken action they would have been in trouble by their consumers not trusting their product. Previous to the 2000’s, Chiquita did not have a standard for their workers. There was not a labor standard for the workers of the farms they were in control of. Dealing with that controversy they made it a point to to set a standard for their labor laws. In 2000, Chiquita adopted its core values and then updated their code of conducted to meet the Social Accountability International’s SA8000 labor standard. This helped them show how much they care about the  workers they employ. Chiquita Bananas showed everyone that they care about everyone and anyone who is apart of the Chiquita family. Recently in 2001, Chiquita filed for Chapter 11 dept reconstruction. With the regulations and changes Chiquita was making, it was hurting them financially. It costed them dearly but sure enough they bounced back. All their changes soon paid off by receiving the  “Corporate Conscience Award” in 2003 and awarded the Circle of Excellence Award in 2009. Chiquita constantly comes back through all adversity and is here to stay.2000_pr_1

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The Chiquita Way

o-CHIQUITA-BANANA-COOKBOOK-facebookChiquita Banana has been around for over a hundred of years. Since the beginning they have been working on become an elite company. Branding has been very important to the Chiquita family.  They wanted to become a front runner of banana sales but then turned into the top tier at selling salads and bananas. They also started shaping the business world by helping workers have a safe environment to work it. Paying them the qualified amount is also a huge deal for them that they got figured out over time. They announced in the early 2000’s that they were going to start working on making their farms to make them environmentally friendly. They also were named “green stocks” by progressive investors. This has changed since inception because they have become more conscious of what they do. Reducing their carbon footprint and making life better for their employees has become the number one priority. In the beginning of the company Chiquita it was important to get the product for a cheap price in order to make it big. Each year they took a step in the right direction with innovative inventions that catapulted them into the ranks of companies that are elite. It wasn’t easy for that to happen. Many of these things that they have accomplished took time to get to where they are now. Chiquita has worked endlessly to make their product affordable, healthy, and appealing to all and it has cost them money. They have been in trouble by filing for Chapter 11 debt reconstruction with the production being spent on the farms being updated with their green movement and the workers being paid right and getting the right treatment. Chiquita has bounced back since then and has won the “Black Pearl” award for food safety. This proves that they are here to stay when it comes to food produce in the world. Their image since inception has changed from a small organization into a global power house company. Over time it has been the effort of all Chiquita employees to change into a company that is conscious of their footprint they leave on this earth and the people they meet along the way. They have withstood the test of time to become one of the most coveted company in the world. Chiquita banana started out just selling fruit on the streets of Jersey City and now they are a globally selling bananas, salads, and all sorts of different fruit. This is a huge transformation for any company to go through over a hundred years. It goes to show that Chiquita bananas is here to stay and no one is going to knock them off their hinges.

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Consumer Consumption


When in comes to bananas world wide there is only one name that can be considered the superior brand. Chiquita Banana has been the banana company that has been around the longest. While overcoming a huge disappointing year in 2008 with a net loss of $329 million. Showing their resilience, Chiquita came back from the deficit and a year later in 2009 they generated a net income of $90 million. Coming back from the significant loss speaks volume for the product that Chiquita Banana is selling. There has been so much invested in the transportation and safety of the bananas and other fruit they sell. Chiquita Banana has won many awards due to the very serious actions they take to make them a reliable company. An award that says a lot about their business would be the Corporate Conscience Award. It awards companies that have outstanding social and environmental performances. In 2003 Chiquita won this award to be rewarded for their business practices. Next year they had all their farm lands owned in Latin America certified by the SA8000 labor rights standard. In the same year they won the Corporate Citizen of the Americas Award. This award was given to Chiquita because of their work on Honduras dealing with their problems on poverty in their communities. Bananas weren’t the only product Chiquita can be proud of. In 2005 they acquired Fresh Press, which is number one seller of packaged salads. This shows a diverse look at all what options Chiquita gives to the consumers. In 2009, Distribution Business Management Association gave Chiquita a Circle of Excellence Award for their social responsibility and environment protection initiatives. These awards add onto the resume Chiquita is building to help show people from all over that they can be trusted, not just by their produce but by their companies values and initiatives throughout the world. This reinforces the trust that customers have in the Chiquita family to keep on buying their food. Chiquita capitalizes in 2009 by winning the “Black Pearl” global food safety award. All of these awards help shape the company into one that can be trusted by consumers over time. Families can rely on the on Chiquita to give them fresh fruit produce that is healthy and safe to consume by them. Chiquita is the number one seller in banana’s in the European Union and number two seller in North America. Even more evidence that Chiquita is the brand most trusted by people world wide. The healthy snakes that are assembled for customers have made Fresh Express and Chiquita premium brands around the world. As long as Chiquita has been around, the awards they have received, and the constant customer satisfaction has given them a lock on one of the most trusted fruit company in the world.

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The Chiquita Value


Values are necessary for every company to have. When it comes to Chiquita banana they continue to keep their values up high. Chiquita was the first company to brand a banana in 1944 which was introduced as a band at first. It later transformed in 1963 into a blue sticker with Miss Chiquita on it. The blue sticker stands for more than just Chiquita banana. It stands for high-quality produce, innovation, and simply caring about our company and customers. The high-quality produce is because the time and money they spend on their fresh bananas. They have their produce coming from farms in Costa Rica that are nationally approved for the quality of work being done there. Also on their transportation ways are done with care with refrigerators to guaranteed freshness. Chiquita is innovative, they’ve always been the front runners on not just bananas but also caring about their employees and customers. The initiative with Disney called Improve World Nutrition they are taking steps to improve world health. Their Fresh Rinse and extended-shelf-life system are both innovative efforts that Chiquita has been taking their whole company’s life.  Another innovation they’ve made is the Mundimar facility which is a biodigester system in Costa Rica. It is a sustainable system set up to harness full energy from the discarded fruit. Local farmers get to have rich fertilizer and filtered water which helps not just the production of the bananas but also the world. For Chiquita, the most important people for them are the customers and employees. Their support of the health effort called “Let’s Move Salad Bars to School” shows how they are dedicated to serve the world in a healthy way. Chiquita also has a social responsibility towards everybody their company grows. With their Social Accountability labor act they are very involved with the community. The Social Accountability labor act consist of the prohibition of discrimination, fair compensation, appropriate working hours, prohibition of forced and compulsory labor, freedom of collective bargaining, and the monitoring of health and safety measurements. Just another step that Chiquita takes to keep their employees safe from oppression that has been a problem in some areas in the world. Chiquita is environmentally conscious. Their environmental education is in northeastern Costa Rica where they go inform the kids on what is environmentally acceptable in the world today. It is a teaching program to help kids understand what they need to do to make this world a better place. The company of Chiquita banana is and has been taking steps to make this world better each and every year they’ve been a company. Their brand is conveyed as a caring company who will give you the best product out there.

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Going Bananas for Chiquita Banana!

This historical, century owned company has made it’s mark on the world. Chiquita Banana has it’s roots dug into the market of produce. From way back into the 1870’s where an American sailor named Captain Lorenzo Dow Baker sailed to Jamaica to pick up only 160 bunches of bananas. He then brought them back to Philadelphia to sell them. Captain Baker made a profit and discovered a new way to make money. With his new idea set in place he then partnered with Andrew Preston, a very famous businessman, to make the Boston Fruit Company in 1885. While Captain Baker and Preston were getting their company off the ground they came into contact with another businessman named Minor C. Keith. Keith was in Costa Rica building a national railroad system for transportation. Keith later joined the Boston Fruit Company to create the United Fruit company in 1899. The company set out to break new ground in distributing bananas and other fresh produce to all over the United States. While becoming the leader in distributing the company began to invent ways to keep the produce cool. The fleet of transporting ships were painted white to reflect the sun and keep the fruit inside at the coolest temperature possible. Continuing to invent new ways of transporting the United Fruit company invented refrigerated vessels that kept their cargo cool through transportation. The United Fruit company wanted to re-brain their company and in 1944 they introduced the name Chiquita. Along with the new name they also created a new character named Miss Chiquita with a jingle. The Terry twins sing about the importance’s of a banana health that gives a little Caribbean theme to it which shows the origins of their product. In 1947 “Chiquita” became registered as a trademark in the United States. Throughout the Chiquita Banana company they’ve taken many steps to revolutionize ocean transportation. In 1961 they began using cardboard that had pre-cut hands instead of bunches to prevent bruising. Chiquita began the biggest branding every undertaken by any marketing team. The campaign included a trademark blue sticker that said, “The seal outside means the best inside.” Again moving forward, in 1969 the company got their first patent for a modified atmosphere packaging that gave a low oxygen atmosphere that stopped ripening during transit. The company officially changed their name to Chiquita Brands International, Inc. in 1990. Chiquita began to become environmentally friendly in the 90’s when they built a state of the art banana processing plant in Costa Rica. They began working with the Rain forest Alliance Better Banana Project and their first farm became certified in 1994. Then in 2000, all Chiquita farms became certified by the Better Banana Project which has very strict environment and social standards. Chiquita Banana’s also became certified by the American Heart Association in 1997. Chiquita Banana took a turn for the worst in 2001 by filing for Chapter 11 debt reconstruction plan. They have came back and keep moving forward with their Fresh Rinse initiative. Chiquita Banana will never stop taking steps in the right direction when it comes to freshness and health safety. The company is over a century old and will continue to stick around for another century.


Browne, Dik. Miss Chiquita. 1994. Medium. Charlotte, North Carolina.

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