The Chiquita Value


Values are necessary for every company to have. When it comes to Chiquita banana they continue to keep their values up high. Chiquita was the first company to brand a banana in 1944 which was introduced as a band at first. It later transformed in 1963 into a blue sticker with Miss Chiquita on it. The blue sticker stands for more than just Chiquita banana. It stands for high-quality produce, innovation, and simply caring about our company and customers. The high-quality produce is because the time and money they spend on their fresh bananas. They have their produce coming from farms in Costa Rica that are nationally approved for the quality of work being done there. Also on their transportation ways are done with care with refrigerators to guaranteed freshness. Chiquita is innovative, they’ve always been the front runners on not just bananas but also caring about their employees and customers. The initiative with Disney called Improve World Nutrition they are taking steps to improve world health. Their Fresh Rinse and extended-shelf-life system are both innovative efforts that Chiquita has been taking their whole company’s life.  Another innovation they’ve made is the Mundimar facility which is a biodigester system in Costa Rica. It is a sustainable system set up to harness full energy from the discarded fruit. Local farmers get to have rich fertilizer and filtered water which helps not just the production of the bananas but also the world. For Chiquita, the most important people for them are the customers and employees. Their support of the health effort called “Let’s Move Salad Bars to School” shows how they are dedicated to serve the world in a healthy way. Chiquita also has a social responsibility towards everybody their company grows. With their Social Accountability labor act they are very involved with the community. The Social Accountability labor act consist of the prohibition of discrimination, fair compensation, appropriate working hours, prohibition of forced and compulsory labor, freedom of collective bargaining, and the monitoring of health and safety measurements. Just another step that Chiquita takes to keep their employees safe from oppression that has been a problem in some areas in the world. Chiquita is environmentally conscious. Their environmental education is in northeastern Costa Rica where they go inform the kids on what is environmentally acceptable in the world today. It is a teaching program to help kids understand what they need to do to make this world a better place. The company of Chiquita banana is and has been taking steps to make this world better each and every year they’ve been a company. Their brand is conveyed as a caring company who will give you the best product out there.

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