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When in comes to bananas world wide there is only one name that can be considered the superior brand. Chiquita Banana has been the banana company that has been around the longest. While overcoming a huge disappointing year in 2008 with a net loss of $329 million. Showing their resilience, Chiquita came back from the deficit and a year later in 2009 they generated a net income of $90 million. Coming back from the significant loss speaks volume for the product that Chiquita Banana is selling. There has been so much invested in the transportation and safety of the bananas and other fruit they sell. Chiquita Banana has won many awards due to the very serious actions they take to make them a reliable company. An award that says a lot about their business would be the Corporate Conscience Award. It awards companies that have outstanding social and environmental performances. In 2003 Chiquita won this award to be rewarded for their business practices. Next year they had all their farm lands owned in Latin America certified by the SA8000 labor rights standard. In the same year they won the Corporate Citizen of the Americas Award. This award was given to Chiquita because of their work on Honduras dealing with their problems on poverty in their communities. Bananas weren’t the only product Chiquita can be proud of. In 2005 they acquired Fresh Press, which is number one seller of packaged salads. This shows a diverse look at all what options Chiquita gives to the consumers. In 2009, Distribution Business Management Association gave Chiquita a Circle of Excellence Award for their social responsibility and environment protection initiatives. These awards add onto the resume Chiquita is building to help show people from all over that they can be trusted, not just by their produce but by their companies values and initiatives throughout the world. This reinforces the trust that customers have in the Chiquita family to keep on buying their food. Chiquita capitalizes in 2009 by winning the “Black Pearl” global food safety award. All of these awards help shape the company into one that can be trusted by consumers over time. Families can rely on the on Chiquita to give them fresh fruit produce that is healthy and safe to consume by them. Chiquita is the number one seller in banana’s in the European Union and number two seller in North America. Even more evidence that Chiquita is the brand most trusted by people world wide. The healthy snakes that are assembled for customers have made Fresh Express and Chiquita premium brands around the world. As long as Chiquita has been around, the awards they have received, and the constant customer satisfaction has given them a lock on one of the most trusted fruit company in the world.

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