The Chiquita Way

o-CHIQUITA-BANANA-COOKBOOK-facebookChiquita Banana has been around for over a hundred of years. Since the beginning they have been working on become an elite company. Branding has been very important to the Chiquita family.  They wanted to become a front runner of banana sales but then turned into the top tier at selling salads and bananas. They also started shaping the business world by helping workers have a safe environment to work it. Paying them the qualified amount is also a huge deal for them that they got figured out over time. They announced in the early 2000’s that they were going to start working on making their farms to make them environmentally friendly. They also were named “green stocks” by progressive investors. This has changed since inception because they have become more conscious of what they do. Reducing their carbon footprint and making life better for their employees has become the number one priority. In the beginning of the company Chiquita it was important to get the product for a cheap price in order to make it big. Each year they took a step in the right direction with innovative inventions that catapulted them into the ranks of companies that are elite. It wasn’t easy for that to happen. Many of these things that they have accomplished took time to get to where they are now. Chiquita has worked endlessly to make their product affordable, healthy, and appealing to all and it has cost them money. They have been in trouble by filing for Chapter 11 debt reconstruction with the production being spent on the farms being updated with their green movement and the workers being paid right and getting the right treatment. Chiquita has bounced back since then and has won the “Black Pearl” award for food safety. This proves that they are here to stay when it comes to food produce in the world. Their image since inception has changed from a small organization into a global power house company. Over time it has been the effort of all Chiquita employees to change into a company that is conscious of their footprint they leave on this earth and the people they meet along the way. They have withstood the test of time to become one of the most coveted company in the world. Chiquita banana started out just selling fruit on the streets of Jersey City and now they are a globally selling bananas, salads, and all sorts of different fruit. This is a huge transformation for any company to go through over a hundred years. It goes to show that Chiquita bananas is here to stay and no one is going to knock them off their hinges.

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