Problemas del Banana

Throughout their hundred year lifespan, Chiquita Banana has weathered some storms. As do many companies when they are around for a hundred plus years. They have grown since inception and learned how to solve problems as they arise through the years. Dealing with these issues and finding solutions have made the company even stronger. Scary to think this internationally known company is getting even more stable over time. Most problems for Chiquita Banana did not come into light until the 1990’s. This was because until late they had no problem with farming regulation. Chiquita started to realize that the pesticides they used and the proximity of houses near the farm were harmful to others and their fruit. Pesticides they used were endangering the workers and the people living near the farms. The bags that helped protect the bananas littered the ground and water banks near the farm as well. They had to revamp their whole way of farming to help make their fruit better. Chiquita began the process to become certified by Rainforest Alliance’s Better Banana Project. This had them meet the criteria to help make their farms environmentally friendly to all. Farmers, scientist, and community members all teamed up in order to make the bananas safe for consumption. They soon got a seal of approval for their bananas being secure from harms way. This was a huge importance to them and their brand. Showing that they take the safety very seriously helps show their consumer how much they matter to them. It was a set back to Chiquita because of the money and time they spent. If they would not of taken action they would have been in trouble by their consumers not trusting their product. Previous to the 2000’s, Chiquita did not have a standard for their workers. There was not a labor standard for the workers of the farms they were in control of. Dealing with that controversy they made it a point to to set a standard for their labor laws. In 2000, Chiquita adopted its core values and then updated their code of conducted to meet the Social Accountability International’s SA8000 labor standard. This helped them show how much they care about the  workers they employ. Chiquita Bananas showed everyone that they care about everyone and anyone who is apart of the Chiquita family. Recently in 2001, Chiquita filed for Chapter 11 dept reconstruction. With the regulations and changes Chiquita was making, it was hurting them financially. It costed them dearly but sure enough they bounced back. All their changes soon paid off by receiving the  “Corporate Conscience Award” in 2003 and awarded the Circle of Excellence Award in 2009. Chiquita constantly comes back through all adversity and is here to stay.2000_pr_1

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