Feeling Blue? Good!

Branding is very important to the Chiquita Banana family. When you think of a blue sticker you think of Chiquita, right? Well that didn’t just happen over night. It took many years of branding to get people to correlate their bananas with a blue sticker. It all started in 1944 when they wanted to be the first company to brand a banana with a type of band around the banana. Back then they used hands to wrap a paper band with the company’s name and Miss Chiquita around the bananas. This later evolved to machines putting sticker labels on the bananas in 1963. As the years went on they started to notice that the machines could damage their precious fruit and did not want that. That led them to put the Blue Label on by hand to keep care of the fruit that they are selling. There is no doubt that Chiquita’s Blue Label has become an iconic symbol for the company. Money has been spent of sponsorship throughout the existence of Chiquita Banana. The 1980 Olympic games that took place at Lace Placid were sponsored by Chiquita Banana. That goes to show you how important branding their high-quality fruit is to them. They want people to associate their Blue Label with their award winning bananas and they have done so through advertisement. Each year they try to promote something that will help their brand. They have done promotions with the movie Rio, Donkey Kong the video game, and Sega Super Monkey Ball. This branding has helped make a name for themselves with all kinds of different demographics. It gives them a persona as a company that they are friendly with families and playful. Years and years it has taken to build up a brand that has put the faith into the consumers. Bananas are not just their job anymore, they have ventured into packages salads but their idea is still the same. They want to be known for their fresh products that are great tasting and are healthy for everyone. When you see the blue sticker Chiquita Banana wants you to think, “Quite Possibly, The World’s Perfect Fruit.” Makes sense right? You have a product that you believe in the next step is to make the consumer to believe in it as well. Over the hundred years of the company being around, they have instilled in some people’s mind that they are the place to get their bananas. That is not something easy to accomplish. It takes hard work, time, and dedication to the idea that everyone should buy their product to get to where they are. Chiquita Banana has done so proudly with that blue sticker on every banana.lakePlacid

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