World Wide Chiquita

miss-chiquita_cartoonChiquita Banana is world wide. Everyday millions of people eat their bananas from all over the world. Now that Chiquita has introduced their Fresh Express salads they are now enjoyed by 20 million people each week. That is a staggering amount of people from different places that they want to persuade to eat their product. It takes a lot of advertising in different markets to get consumers to eat their product over the other company. Chiquita wants to have everyone eat their salads and bananas but not everyone is the same. What Chiquita is doing now for their marketing is use the movie Despicable Me 2. This helps with getting families involved to buy their bananas. It shows that the company is a fun loving one who cares about their family values. If you eat their products it makes you apart of their family. The family demographic is very important in America for a lot of people. Families want to eat food from a company that has them in mind. On their website they give you options for postcards you can send out, banana recipes, and even a minion maker. Fun is what they are trying to show for the families that want that out of their product. Despicable Me 2 is widely popular with people from all ages so it helps Chiquita picking them to advertise their product. People see that and correlate Chiquita with the movie. That helps out Chiquita with connecting with their consumers they are targeting. On their website they have every country they are involved in with supplying their products that you can click on. Each country has a promotion for Despicable Me 2 with their minions on display. The set up is with fans getting involved by sending in videos, fan art, and even crafty minions. It helps gets the customers involved directly with the website and helps show off their fun side. Chiquita gives off the feeling that they really care about their customers. That is what important to them in the Chiquita community. If the company has happy customers it will surely have them coming back again and again. In order to target the demographics that buy bananas and salads they need to research who usually buy that. That is what Chiquita has done that and understand that families are the ones who buy their products the most. So they picked Despicable Me 2 to target those families in order to get the sales they need to make the company one successful that is widely known throughout the world.

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