International Bananas

2000_pr_2Since inception, Chiquita Bananas has targeted the world as their demographic. The bananas are grown mostly in Costa Rica so even right off the bat they are a part of multiple counties. It has been their idea to reach out to everyone to give the whole world the option to eat a healthy fruit like a banana and even their own Fresh Fruit salads. Getting the whole world to eat Chiquita Bananas is a very hard task. It has taken years to reach the point where they are at now in the international business. After the biggest promotion that anyone had seen been done, the Chiquita brand was finally introduced to Europe in 1966. Now they were apart of Latin America, the United States, and finally Europe. This en-turned created a global dominance that Chiquita was trying to accomplish by  the 70’s. They were finally globally known so by 1990 Chiquita changed their name to Chiquita Brands International, Inc. to show the new heights they were reaching. There were a bit of troubles early after they went global in the 90’s which were apart of the problems Chiquita was having at their farms. Working conditions and pesticides were coming into question but soon silenced by Chiquita farms becoming certified by the Rainforest Alliance Better Banana Project in 1994. Earlier, Europe imposed an illegal quotas and tariffs on bananas imported from Latin America which hurt their international business for a bit. Because Chiquita mostly gets its bananas from Latin America and it is an American company Europe filed it under a “third country” import which constrained Chiquita’s growth. Much has been done to figure out this problem but nothing has come from it. Even through those provisions made on Chiquita’s importation they are still

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