Social Bananas

Screenshot_2013-11-22-23-24-23With today’s growing technology world, companies need to invest in the social media aspect of advertisement. The world is quickly turning into one that is ran through the internet. A huge way people stay connected is by social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and even Pintrest. People invest in a company that goes out of their way to make them feel wanted as customers. Using social media outlets really gives companies like Chiquita Banana a direct line to their target audience. Chiquita stays connected by using 11 different accounts to stress their commitment to the people. Social media is very important to not just Chiquita but to every company in the market today. It can help sales, promotion, and a controlled public relations methods. The most effective social media outlet would have to be their Facebook page. Chiquita’s page is set up with pictures of their logo and promotions their are doing at this time. The whole page screams Chiquita Bananas by the postings they have, which are consistent. Each day there is a something relating to their company’s objective. Postings that relate to healthy recipes banana related, recent promotions Chiquita is doing, and articles that deal with the company as a whole. This helps customers and the Facebook world see how much their product means to them and how they want everyone to experience the greatness of it. Other social media sites like their Instagram take photos of events, Ms. Chiquita, and healthy snacks that Chiquita banana sponsors. It is a great way to show in action shots of Chiquita making their mark in the world. Another site they have would be Twitter. The Twitter page is in direct contact with each individual accounts on Twitter who are actual people. Chiquita can directly contact users that are happy or displeased with their bananas. That is a great way to show someone who is using the Chiquita brand that they are a company who cares about the people who are eating their product. Social media has greatly affected Chiquita Bananas in a positive way because people now have a way to contact the company. It is a way that seems to be more personal to some people. People use social media to stay connected with friends and family but who says they can not use it to stay connected with the products they use. Chiquita has done a great job by promoting their product on each of the social media outlets and should continue to invest in those outlets. Social media will continue to change and the only thing Chiquita can do is change with it.

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