Bananas Today For Tomorrow.

After a couple months of researching the company Chiquita Banana I’ve learned about their rise, fall, and ability to withstand over time. Do I have all the answers they need to survive and have longevity? Simply put, no. I can only put in my own two sense on areas where they need to put effort and other areas where they need to change. What first comes to mind is how they treat their workers. It is most important in today’s culture to take care of the people who are working for you. You see it too many times, companies abusing their workforce to gain leverage and it ends up the consumer loses faith in the company. If Chiquita builds off of their recent relationship with the people who work for them it will in-turn help them in the long run. People like companies that are morally sound. Another area I see Chiquita gaining ground is in the social media world. The world is so in tune to the social media that companies can only survive if they keep all their energy focused in that area. If Chiquita keeps adapting to the area of social media they will continue their dream of becoming an international dominant figure of the world. As they stay connected on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Chiquita will see customer satisfaction to a degree where it can help them stick around for a long time. Chiquita can ultimately be around for a long time if they stick to pleasing their customers and now that means staying connected on social media. The content they need to keep pushing onto consumers is the fact that they have healthy snacks. In today’s society there is an emphases on good health and eating right. Chiquita would be better served for their longevity if they stick to what the consumers want and in this case it is a healthy snack. If they keep reminding the public that their product is an essential part of their diet in order to live long and healthy but also a great tasting treat. In the long run, people want to eat and be healthy and Chiquita has the products that apply to those two things. Chiquita is poised to be around for another hundred years if they play the right cards in each category that I’ve highlighted earlier. It all comes down to if they are going to do and work at those certain ideas I’ve talked about. Long ago a company was created to help spread bananas to the world. Over a hundred years later and nothing has changed and will not change.Bananas

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